• To support the holistic and integrated development of Children by partnering with parents, community and other stake holders.
  • To provide formal education, skills development, fostering value based life skills through mentorship and enabling children to develop positive peer groups that allow them to be accountable throughout life’s journey.


  • To nurture and empower children in Godly wisdom according to Luke 2:52.


New Dawn Kenya was founded and registered as an NGO in August 2001. It was established in response to an assessment of traditional methods of communication and information aimed at behavior and attitude formation for pre-adolescents. Findings revealed that the information available was inadequate, leading the adolescent children to be largely misinformed about their sexuality, HIV/AIDS, and healthy relational skills. It has two major Programs that facilitate the delivery of this mandate.

It has two major Programs which help in the delivery of the vision and mission of the organization. These programs are:

  • New Dawn Mentorship:

    A value based life skills program targeting pre-teens and teens.

  • New Dawn Educational Centre:

    A community based secondary school providing formal education to underprivileged children living in the in the informal settlements in its environs especially Huruma and Githogoro


Effective Mentorship Experience
  • To provide each pre-teen and teen with a peer group of close friends with whom they can learn matters of friendship, relationships, and sexuality and life skills.
  • Build capacities of teams of facilitators to provide effective and well-articulated mentorship experience.
  • To mobilize the parents and motivate them to be more proactive in educating and equipping their pre-teens and teens in matters relating to sexuality, friendships and life skills
Educational Center
  • In partnership with all stakeholders, establish, equip and run an educational center with fully functional learning facilities so as to provide secondary education to the underprivileged and vulnerable members of community.
  • Recruit qualified staff who support the mission and vision of the institution.
  • Comply with the Ministry of Education policies and guidelines in all aspects of the Education Act.