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General FAQs

FAQs - General FAQs

The program that is now popularly known as ‘New Dawn’ was started in 2002 May with a group of girls who called themselves ‘Brainy Beauties’

Yes our Alumni are fairing extremely well in life, especially in the choices they are making in the area of sexuality.  Majority of them are opinion shapers in their areas of influence, especially in the Universities and Colleges where they are studying.

We have had plans to continue engaging with our Graduates; so far we have not had capacity to do so.  Our plans will materialize as soon as we recruit and train Facilitators even as we seek to partner with like minded ministries such as Tanari, Worth The Wait and etc.

We don’t yet have capacity to work in Boarding Schools due to the implications of training Facilitators in each school or transporting them to the schools each time the children would meet.

Capacity for individual Facilitators is build through regular Training and individual evaluation by the New Dawn Team.

The children enrolled in New Dawn are encouraged to join with their friends irrespective of faith.  We use the Bible as the foundation of our instruction. Parents are required to give a written consent when they sign their child into the program.

The 9 – 12 year olds do easily settle down together to talk about issues of sexuality together.  This program is based on friendship so as to guarantee ease in speaking about this topic.  We try to avoid any reason that might hinder this freedom.

The office running costs are fixed and that means that the income projections help us budget realistically and therefore we cannot afford to negotiate on the basis of children’s attendance.

Currently we are running an age appropriate version of ‘New Dawn’ for children aged between 5 – 8 years of age.