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Abstinence Program

Our generation of preteens has more options, more education, more opportunities and more challenges at their disposal than any other in their lot in the history of human kind. Finding ones purpose as a preteen is critical and lays a basis for a solid future.
Today’s preteen risks getting lost in the myriad of options at their disposal, majority of which will derail one from the course of purpose.  Social media subtly dictate what a preteen should and will do, often suffocating parental authority and sometimes with irreversible damage. The allure of joining the latest social trend, the allure of drugs, the allure of  shelving school for a more thrilling party life, the danger of radicalization and the allure of disowning   Godly
doctrines  is real.
At New Dawn Children Abstinence Program we walk with your preteen through the turbulent years of growth, change and discovery. Specializing in issues sexuality, we base our teachings in Biblical truths. Our teachings center on Friendship, Sexuality, Life skills and HIV/AIDs. The three year program is delivered by our qualified facilitators and is home based making learning practical. Outings and preteen/parent activities cement the parent-child bond besides creating a
positive peer group around your preteen.
We believe that a preteen should not just join a cause…
It doesn’t have to be socio-media worthy …
It doesn’t have to be labelled ‘big’…
We believe each preteen should not join a cause. They must live one every day!
We have to give meaning to our preteens before we can bring meaning anywhere beyond in their lives.
Walk with us as we fulfill this calling to raise a Godly and purpose driven generation!